Guiding the Heroes of Change
Coaching & Consulting Services for Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits & Small Businesses

Our EPIC Mission

Those who answer the call to serve others and become the change in the world around us are our heroes. The journey of the entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, or small business owner is not for the faint of heart. At EPIC Mission, we lock arms with for-profit and nonprofit changemakers by meeting these Heroes of Change where they are with no judgment. We join them on their journeys with a message of hope, and we illuminate their path forward by creating a safe space for change makers to dream bigger and go deeper.

We believe in the power of ordinary people passionately working to achieve extraordinary impact. Our EPIC mission is to empower everyday changemakers with holistic strategies and practical innovation to ignite sustainable change. We envision a future where Heroes of Change everywhere are fully equipped to build and restore thriving, resilient, hope-filled communities. Together we can #bethechange we wish to see in the world.

By incorporating best practices from the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, we seek to inspire and inform changemakers by demystifying failure and helping to turn their big ideas into data-informed plans with clear goals, actionable next steps, and defined success metrics that will lead to deep, sustainable impact.


Effective coaching helps to enhance your performance, improve your mindset, and bolster your confidence.


With varied backgrounds, a fresh perspective, and matchless experience, our consultants have a wide range of expertise and collective wisdom.


Professional development is critical at every stage of your journey. Whether you’re just starting out, steadily moving up the corporate ladder or leading your organization to the next level, you must be prepared for the next step.

Support Services

All organizations need the right support to operate successfully and move the needle when taking on big challenges meant to change the world.

Your EPIC Mission

Our clients hail from a myriad of industries and backgrounds, from newly conceived grassroots ministry-based nonprofits taking their initial leap of faith to the established social enterprise seeking a fresh perspective and improved performance for the next chapter of their story. We work with changemakers across the United States and will continue to answer the call to serve the Heroes of Change no matter where they are on their respective journeys.

Together, #WeAreTheChange

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